Apply for next cohort of Senior-Level Leadership program

Now in its second year, the Senior-Level Leadership program allows mid-level women aspiring toward senior-level positions to learn from mentors, gain diverse institutional perspectives, and develop knowledge and skills. The program utilizes best practices from a variety of existing fellowship and job shadow opportunities to create a unique experience for select women in higher education in Michigan. The personalized nature of the program allows learning to take place through both observation and applied learning.

Click MI-ACE-Senior-Level-Leadership-Shadow-Flyer-FINAL-2017new for more information.

More information, an application, and news of the inaugural cohort is posted here.

Doctoral candidate seeks research participants

Cortni Oleszczuk, a doctoral candidate at CMU, is seeking participants for a research study, “Bullying in Higher Education: The Female Experience.”

Participants should be female faculty or administrators, who have or are currently working in a higher education context, excluding those affiliated with Central Michigan University, and who have been or are currently a target of bullying per the following definition:
Participants will have experienced an escalating process of harassing, offending, or socially excluding behavior or have had their work tasks negatively affected. It has to occur repeatedly and regularly (e.g., weekly) and over a period of time (e.g., at least six months).

Details and contact information are Study Verbiage for ACE[1].