Outstanding IR Award recipients

The Outstanding Institutional Representative Award was established in 2016; it recognizes and honors the IR or co-IRs for developing, encouraging, advancing, linking, and supporting women on their campus. In 2019, the award was renamed to honor Chiara Hensley, retired assistant vice president for student affairs for Eastern Michigan University.


Co-IRs from Lansing Community College:

• Lisa Mazure, controller, Financial Services Division

• Patricia Spagnuolo, director of University Center and Transfer Initiatives

The co-IRs lead an active planning group at LCC, offering a variety of activities throughout the year. The Women’s Engagement Circle, which holds monthly lunch discussions, is a new initiative. They provide scholarships for several women to attend the MI-ACE annual conference, and meet regularly with the college president and other administrators.

Chiara Hensley, left, and Deb Bloom, MI-ACE board member

Chiara Hensley, left, and Deb Bloom, MI-ACE board member


Patty Spagnuolo, left, and Lisa Mazure











Co-IRs from Eastern Michigan University:

• Colleen Croxall, director of School of Health Sciences, below in center

• Chiara Hensley, assistant vice president for Academic and Student Affairs, second from right

They expanded the breadth of  relationships within the campus network, initiating a mentor project and other activities reflecting the mission, values, goals of MI-ACE.



Co-IRs from Henry Ford College:

• Lisa Copprue, vice president for Student Affairs (pictured below, second from right)

• Amy Ducher, special project coordinator, Academic Affairs and adjunct biology faculty member (at center in photo below)

They organized a Lunch and Learn event; participated in Equal Pay Day; created a listserve to update campus women about MI-ACE events; and met with the college president.

Amy Ducher, center, and Lisa Copprue, second from right



Co-IRs from Ferris State University:

•  Gayle S. Lopez, chair of the Management Department, College of Business, and appointed co-IR this past year.

• Leah Monger, assistant dean for collections and access services, Ferris Library for Instruction, Technology and Education; an IR for three years and member of the MI-ACE IR Standing Committee.

They were recipients of a 2015-16 IR Micro-Grant that helped fund a three-part series of workshops at Ferris.

Gayle S. Lopez

Gayle S. Lopez

Leah Monger

Leah Monger