Outstanding IR Award recipients

The Outstanding Institutional Representative Award was established in 2016; it recognizes and honors the IR or co-IRs for developing, encouraging, advancing, linking, and supporting women on their campus. Recipients are recognized during the annual conference in June.


Lisa Mazure

Lisa Mazure

Co-IRs from Lansing Community College:

Patricia Spagnuolo

Patricia Spagnuolo

• Lisa Mazure, controller, Financial Services Division

• Patricia Spagnuolo, director of University Center and Transfer Initiatives

The co-IRs lead an active planning group at LCC, offering a variety of activities throughout the year. The Women’s Engagement Circle, which holds monthly lunch discussions, is a new initiative. They provide scholarships for several women to attend the MI-ACE annual conference, and meet regularly with the college president and other administrators.




Co-IRs from Eastern Michigan University:

• Colleen Croxall, director of School of Health Sciences, below in center

• Chiara Hensley, assistant vice president for Academic and Student Affairs, second from right

They expanded the breadth of  relationships within the campus network, initiating a mentor project and other activities reflecting the mission, values, goals of MI-ACE.



Co-IRs from Henry Ford College:

• Lisa Copprue, vice president for Student Affairs (pictured below, second from right)

• Amy Ducher, special project coordinator, Academic Affairs and adjunct biology faculty member (at center in photo below)

They organized a Lunch and Learn event; participated in Equal Pay Day; created a listserve to update campus women about MI-ACE events; and met with the college president.

Amy Ducher, center, and Lisa Copprue, second from right



Co-IRs from Ferris State University:

•  Gayle S. Lopez, chair of the Management Department, College of Business, and appointed co-IR this past year.

• Leah Monger, assistant dean for collections and access services, Ferris Library for Instruction, Technology and Education; an IR for three years and member of the MI-ACE IR Standing Committee.

They were recipients of a 2015-16 IR Micro-Grant that helped fund a three-part series of workshops at Ferris.

Gayle S. Lopez

Gayle S. Lopez

Leah Monger

Leah Monger