Strategic Plan

Vision Statement
We envision an open and just higher education environment in which women and men share their talents and voices equally in management and policy making to improve the quality of higher education. Therefore, we focus on building a substantial network of women in Michigan higher education by providing leadership, resources, and services such as professional development, networking, partnering with women’s networks in other professional fields, and engaging in public advocacy to empower our members to achieve career success and gain a greater voice.

The Michigan ACE Women’s Network conducts a survey each year to determine public policy priorities. Priorities for 2019-2022 are listed below and also available to download.

Michigan ACE Network 2019-2022 Public Policy Priorities

The public policy issues which need the attention, priority, voice and visibility of the MI-ACE Women’s Network in 2019-2022 are listed in priority order below. These priorities will inform our plan of work, including conference planning, during this period. The priorities were determined by an annual survey conducted during the MI-ACE conference.

• Cost and Funding Issues: Affordability, Financial Aid, Appropriations, etc.
— Supporting resources necessary to positively impact student growth and advancement, such as adequate State funding, Pell grants, scholarships and paid
• Changing Student Demographics: Inclusive Access and Opportunity in Higher Education, including internationalizing campuses.
— Recognizing demographic changes impacting our campuses and supporting adaptations which can best help students thrive.
• Funding for Programs, Research & Issues that Impact Women and Girls
— Supporting acquisition of resources which can help advance research and programs that positively impact women’s health, professional growth, advancement and equity.